The Tumultuous Politics of Scale : Unsettled States, Migrants, Movements in Flux

Author : Donald M. Nonini & Ida Susser

Publisher Routledge
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9780429523250
ISBN 9780367186265
Page 275


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Contemporary politics, this book contends, depend upon the turbulent struggles and strategies around scale. Confl icts over scale can be seen as opaque class struggles. Political projects, whether from the ground up or representing corporate or state interests, continually contest the scale at which authority is vested. This volume looks at the way global corporations redefi ne the scale of power and how working- class and other movements build alliances and cross scales to develop political blocs. What injustices are perpetrated or, more hopefully, redressed in this process? The book, consisting of contributions from anthropologists, geographers, and cultural studies scholars, explores theoretical issues around contested temporal and spatial scales, and around variations in scale from the body to the global. Part I focuses on bodies in motion, entangled in battles over new boundaries and political coalitions, and the ways in which migrants and refugees are disrupted by intersecting time scales. Part II on the nation- state addresses the shifting responsibilities assigned by law at diff erent historical moments and the impact of global energy trade on national austerity policies. Part III, on rescaling sovereignty, discusses the misleading media discourse on “Brexit” and reconstructs the class bases of the move to the Right in Eastern Europe that threaten the EU. Part IV on the histories of changing scales of movements revisits historical debates on uneven and combined development, and sets out the transnational labor movements of the eighteenthand nineteenth- century Atlantic, which prefi gure contemporary struggles of labor in a world which is still one of uneven and combined capitalist development. Finally, Part V considers ways in which some social movements are constrained by scale while others reshape parties and traverse nations in their eff orts to build class alliances and political blocs.