Tell Me About Yourself: Personal Branding and Social Media Recruiting in the Brave New Online World

Author (s) : Papakonstantinidis, Stavros

Copyright Year 2018
Publisher Business Expert Press
ISBN 9781631575235
Page 133
Language English
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What is branding and what makes people passionate about it? How can people develop and maintain a unique online persona? Who are the current trendsetters in personal branding? What makes social recruiting so important in today’s business world? Why is it necessary to set up a personal brand strategy early on? What are the future trends in social recruiting and personal branding?

The rules of recruitment and job searching have undoubtedly changed with the entry of a new breed of concept workers into the global workforce. We are witnessing the emergence of a non-age- specific generation of professionals who are exposed to ubiquitous digital technology and seek a more impactful job, an easy-going life, and a safe future. Social natives are looking for jobs following strategies that did not exist five years ago. Artificial intelligence, advanced software, wearable gadgets, and social media define today’s fast- paced professional world.

Social natives use blogs, podcasts, online bios, video resumes, images, selfies, recommendations, and endorsements to demonstrate their skills publicly. In comparison, global organizations take advantage of big data, business intelligence, and people analytics, as well as a plethora of social media screening tools to recruit and retain great talent. This book will help you understand how social media recruitment works and encourages you to take personal branding to- ward professional career development seriously.