Sociology of Mental Disorder

Editor : William C. Cockerham

Publisher Taylor & Francis Group
Publication 2020
ISBN 9780367432034
eISBN 9781000215045
Language English
Page 384
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The eleventh edition of Sociology of Mental Disorder presents the major issues and research findings on the influence of race, social class, gender, and age on the incidence and prevalence of mental disorder. The text also examines the institutions that help those with mental disorders, mental health law, and public policy.

Many important updates are new to this edition:

  • DSM-5 is thoroughly covered along with the controversy surrounding it.
  • Updated review of the relationship between mental health and gender.
  • A revised and more in-depth discussion of mental health and race.
  • Problems in public policy toward mental disorder are covered.
  • International trends in community care are reviewed.
  • Updates of research and citations throughout.