Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew

Editor : Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk, Peter W. Preston

Publisher Taylor & Francis Group
Publication 2020
ISBN 9781138497320
eISBN 9781351019057
Language English
Page 224
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This book addresses key questions about how Singapore is likely to develop going forward, what are the key challenges facing the state, and how is the government going to deal with these matters. The book shows how important Lee Kuan Yew and subsequent individual leaders have been in shaping Singapore, and goes on to consider specific new challenges, including rapid population growth, migration and a changing population mix, the rise of China and possible shifts in the regional balance of power, and anxieties about the economy and an increasing global backlash against the neo-liberal free trade regime. It considers key areas of economic policy, social policy, and foreign policy, and explores the changing nature of governance. It also examines the Singapore government’s effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. Overall, the book provides a concise, comprehensive assessment of the current state of Singapore and its likely future direction.