Relational Feedback : It's Not What You Say, It's the Way That You Say It

Author : Lise Lewis

Publisher Routledge
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781351663267
ISBN 9781138063914
Page 245


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People are increasingly disenchanted with performance improvement techniques that fail to deliver. This book offers a new and refreshing way of engaging in authentic feedback that is willingly given and well-received. It demonstrates that focusing on the quality of relationship improves the activity of feedback. The Relational Leadership WAY© that is the core of this book was created from a thematic analysis of a doctoral research study. The framework encourages effective relationships and works through perfecting a ‘way of being’ that is generative and productive in interactions with others; especially in feedback conversations, whether we are the giver or the receiver. The 10 themes integral to the framework are organised into 3 parts that relate to pivotal points in a conversation and that when given focused attention will improve relationships: What needs preparing to establish relationships that stimulate constructive conversations Active engagement in co-creating generative conversations through adopting relational behaviours You both noticing and reacting to what emerges and impacts on sustaining the quality of the relationship. This book will appeal to those seeking an innovative approach to performance management and who welcome a reprieve from the relentless pursuit of a universal feedback tool. It is essential reading for: Business managers and leaders expected to motivate teams to become high performing work units Organisational and independent coaches, mentors and practice supervisors developing trust by building effective relationships that encourage disclosure through engaging and authentic feedback Managers, leaders, HR and OD specialists to use as a business text for performance management programmes Training organisations to use as a core text for delegates.