Reinventing the C-Suite : Evolving Your Executive Team to Meet Today's Challenges

Author : Terry White

Publisher Routledge
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781000024814
ISBN 9780367344221
Page 247


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There is a fundamental mismatch between the way we organise our senior management teams and the way modern commerce has evolved. Wrapping finesse, technology, rules, bureaucracy, and “science” around our C-Suite conventions, designed for nineteenth-century businesses, is not nearly enough to meet the challenges of modern business environments and practices. This book is for executives who want to enable their C-Suite, and by extension their organizations, to survive and thrive into the future. It will help them to foresee future challenges and provide suggestions for new working practices at executive level to successfully adapt to those changes. How should executive teams organize themselves, reinvent their roles, and work with stakeholders to evolve and innovate? What is the role of the new C-grade executive – managers, leaders, or something else? Executives and aspiring executives will find new challenges for organizations and ways to deal with them. Forward-thinking business students will find startling ideas and practical tools for viewing business and its activities. What is the next evolution of the executive function in organizations? This book explores how we can predict it, shape it, and succeed in it.