Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Women, Voice, and Agency

Editor(s) : Berrin Yanıkkaya and Angelique Margarita Nairn

Volume 1351
Publication Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781799848295
eISBN 9781799848301
Page 333
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Across the world, it has remained a significant challenge for women to be heard within crucial components of society. Male domination has a vast history of restricting the visibility and voices of women in areas including economics and politics. In recent years, however, those longstanding barriers are beginning to crumble as feminism and women’s rights have become vital areas of research. Understanding the importance of having a voice and its relation to the construction of women’s empowerment, as well as existing limitations in global regions, is imperative.

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Women, Voice, and Agency is a collection of innovative research on the examination of giving voice to women’s issues in the contemporary world and their increasing impact within the various pillars of society. While highlighting topics including social change, digital activism, and inclusion, this book is ideally designed for researchers, activists, policymakers, practitioners, politicians, advocates, educators, and students seeking current research on women empowerment and the interpretation of women’s voices throughout the globe.