ImaChek is founded by iLPixel. It is a suite of image analysis solutions for promoting scientific integrity and improving the screening process for digital images acquired from life science research.

  • A cloud-based image checking service that detects various forms of image misconducts
  • Check the originality and authenticity of the images prior to publication
  • The advanced algorithms allows for a fast and automated check of images

Features of ImaChek

  • For Life Science

    ImaChek is designed to detect fabricated digital images acquired from life science research, such as electrophoresis images and images of stained tissues.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Extensive knowledge on image analysis is not a requirement for using ImaChek.

  • Instant Processing

    ImaChek starts checking the images automatically once they have been uploaded.

  • Highlighting Function

    ImaChek provides high accuracy that users can rely on. Furthermore, ImaChek highlights the parts with potential misconduct to provide an easy way to read results.

  • Security

    ImaChek is built on Amazon cloud, meaning that users can be ensured that all of their personal information and their important image data will be protected.