Small Business Management: A Road Map for Survival During Crisis

Author (s) : Andreas Karaoulanis

Publication Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781951527358
ISBN 9781951527341
Page 133
Language English


This book gives us a holistic description of all paragons involved in small business operations during crisis years and suggests the necessary steps that need to be taken to help them overcome their problems. The author clearly demonstrates the crisis implications to small businesses by using personal research and real-life examples in addition to a big bibliography from renowned academics. The book contains useful and practical information for small business owners, entrepreneurs from all industries, business students, academics and strategists, and business coaches and can be used as a road map during turbulent periods for small business in all industries.

The text covers the topic from different approaches, giving a bird’s-eye view of contemporary trends and new approaches. Several concepts like risk management, blue ocean strategy, and turnaround management are discussed, in order to create a crystal clear understanding of why there is no such thing as dead end for small businesses—even under the worst possible situations—and how businesses can achieve sustainable development and grow.

The author will provide PowerPoint slides to any faculty member who adopts this book for their course. These slides will help instructors in presenting the contents of the book during a course, or adopt part of the slides to help them facilitate the learning procedure during their classes. They are in a seminars form, thus, can be treated as an additional course material during the class