Mines & EOD Operational Guide Yearbook 21/22


Publication Date : 6/10/2021
ISBN/ISSn Number : 978-0-7106-3387-3

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Janes Mines & EOD Operational Guide Yearbook 21/22

Support effective explosive ordnance disposal

Provides operational information on the recognition and disposal of mines and explosive ordnance devices — in production and in use worldwide. Reference data supports development and implementation of safe and effective explosives-neutralization procedures and techniques.

Janes Mines & EOD Operational Guide from Janes Group helps you:

  • Identify unexploded ordnance
  • Understand current military mine defence
  • Create explosives-handling training materials
  • Maintain training and operations levels
  • Model anti-personnel threat scenarios

What’s included – Profiles on 550+ types of mine and explosive ordnance devices covers:

  • Descriptions and specification
  • Operational characteristics, including ammunition markings
  • Details and analysis of mines, booby traps and fuses
  • Neutralization and disarming procedures
  • Mines in operation around the world
  • Photographs and sectional diagrams