Introducing East Asia : History, Politics, Economy and Society

History, Politics, Economy and Society

Editor : Carin Holroyd

Publisher Taylor & Francis Group
Publication 2020
ISBN 9781138923973
eISBN 9781317409922
Language English
Page 252
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Introducing East Asia is an ideal textbook for those new to the study of one of the most exciting and important regions in the world. East Asia is a complex and culturally rich region, with the Chinese, Korean and Japanese civilizations among the oldest in the world. Over the past 50 years, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China have become economic powerhouses and leaders in the commercialization of science and technology. The countries are economically and culturally intertwined while at the same time burdened by a history of war and conflict. This textbook focuses on the historical and cultural roots of the contemporary political and economic ascendency of East Asia and explores the degree to which East Asian cultures, values and history set up the region for 21st century global leadership.

Features in this textbook include:

  • Chapters on each of the countries and special economic zones that make up the region.
  • Rich illustrations and timelines to guide the student visually.
  • Focused textboxes on key figures and events, useful as research assignment and revision materials.

Providing undergraduate students with a solid introduction to East Asia, this textbook will be an essential reading for students of East Asian studies, global studies and international studies.