Handbook of Research on Smart Technology Applications in the Tourism Industry

Author (s) : Evrim Çeltek

Publisher IG Global
Publication Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781799819899
eISBN 9781799819905
Page 569


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In today’s modernized society, certain technologies have become more applicable within many professional fields and are much easier to implement. This includes the tourism industry, where smart technology has provided a range of new marketing possibilities including more effective sales tactics and delivering a more personalized customer experience. As the scope of business analytics continues to expand, professionals need research on the various applications of smart technology within the field of tourism.

The Handbook of Research on Smart Technology Applications in the Tourism Industry is an essential reference source that discusses the use of intelligent systems in tourism as well as their influence on consumer relationships. Featuring research on topics such as digital advertising, wearable technology, and consumer behavior, this book is ideally designed for travel agents, tour developers, restaurateurs, hotel managers, tour directors, airlines, marketers, researchers, managers, hospitality professionals, policymakers, business strategists, researchers, academicians, and students seeking coverage on the use of smart technologies in tourism.