Food and Architecture

Author (s) : Majumder, Subhadip & Majumder, Sounak

Copyright Year 2020
Publisher Business Expert Press
Print ISBN 9781952538483
eISBN 9781952538490
Page 130
Language English


Food and architecture, the two pillars of human civilization, have intertwined to such extents to sustain the civilization itself, that the connection between the two has visually ceased to exist. The apparent diverse fields of human life have worked upon similar principles through ages from the beginning of mankind and they complemented our existence.

Food is fundamental to cross-cultural studies of behavior, thought, and imagery. We eat for many reasons than just to satisfy our appetite. The act of eating is now a way of socializing with others. Hence all major institutes of food service are trying hard to amaze their users with a built environment that complements the served delicacy. Although most of the users might not understand the thought consciously but subconscious mind keeps alarming when things don’t fall in place.

The book surfs through all the aspects of such two diverse fields and tries to show a parallel through a very socialistic and holistic perspective. It’s interesting to understand the intangible logics behind the very tangible aspects of human life.