Essentials for Health Protection

Four Key Components

Author : Emily Ying Yang Chan
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication 2020
ISBN 9780198835479
eISBN 9780191873140
Language English


Essentials for Health Protection: Four Key Components is an introductory to intermediate level textbook and reference book for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as healthcare professionals, non-health actors, and policymakers who are interested in obtaining an overview of an integrated and comprehensive public health approach to health protection. Health protection is one of the three major core theoretical domains of public health, which aims to prevent and manage communicable disease outbreaks and environmental health risks and related diseases. Effective health protection measures may enhance individual, community, and institutional resilience in coping with extreme events. In addition to introducing the four areas covering both health and environmental protection, namely, climate change adaptation and mitigation, emergency preparedness, communicable disease control, and environmental health, this book will also explore a number of new health protection frontiers, such as key discussions in Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management (H-EDRM), planetary health, and sustainability. The whole health protection spectrum from risk mitigation, prevention interventions, and emergency response are discussed in a comprehensive, contextual, multidisciplinary, and cross-national way. Various text boxes and case examples are included throughout the book to illustrate what the current status of health protection is globally and impart the latest controversies and dynamics that might change the landscape and reality of health protection practices and development.