Data-Driven Business Models for the Digital Economy

Author (s) : Rado Kotorov

Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781951527815
ISBN 9781951527808
Page 152
Language English


Today the fastest growing companies have no physical assets. Instead, they create innovative digital products and new data-driven business models. They capture huge market share fast and their capitalizations skyrocket. The success of these digital giants is pushing all companies to rethink their business models and to start digitizing their products and services.

Whether you are a new startup building a digital product or service, or an employee of an established company that is transitioning to digital, you need to consider how digitization has transformed every aspect of management. Data-driven business models scale not through asset accumulation and product standardization, but through disaggregation of supply and demand. The winners in the new economy master the demand for one and the supply to millions.

Throughout the book the author illustrates with examples and use cases how the market com- petition has changed and how companies adapt to the new rules of the game. The economic levers of scale and scope are also different in the digital economy and companies have to learn new tactics how to achieve and sustain their competitive advantage. While data is at the core of all digital business models, the monetization strategies vary across products, services and business models. Our Monetization Matrix is a model that helps managers, marketers, sales professionals, and technical product designers to align the digital product design with the data-driven business model.