Crime, Security and Global Politics

An Introduction to Global Crime Governance

Editor : Anja P. Jakobi
Macmillan Education UK
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781137468017
ISBN 9781137468000
Page 285


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This engaging new textbook presents a comprehensive, nuanced and multidimensional perspective on global crime and its governance. As global criminal activity becomes increasingly sophisticated and elusive, so the means to counter it must adapt. Every day our news media is dominated by incidents that span countries and continents, often presented as an all-encompassing threat orchestrated by societal outsiders. If not in the news, global crime is sensationalised in our film and television industry, and it can be difficult to gain a true understanding of what global crime is and how it is combated.

Featuring the latest research and informed by a wide range of theoretical perspectives, this text masterfully makes sense of a range of issues from global environmental crime and human trafficking, to the global trade in drugs and cybercrime. This pathbreaking text analyses why global crime is important, the obstacles faced in countering it and accounts for the difficulties in securing cooperation across states.

Comprehensive and accessible, this authoritative textbook is the perfect companion for students and scholars who are interested in this still evolving issue of international relations and global politics.