Corrosion and Materials in Hydrocarbon Production: A Compendium of Operational and Engineering Aspects

By Bijan Kermani, Don Harrop
ISBN : 9781119515722
No. of Pages : 344
Publisher : ASME Press
Publication date : 2019

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Comprehensively covers the engineering aspects of corrosion and materials in hydrocarbon production.

This book captures the current understanding of corrosion processes in upstream operations and provides a brief overview of parameters and measures needed for optimum design of facilities. It focuses on internal corrosion occurring in hydrocarbon production environments and the key issues affecting its occurrence, including: the types and morphology of corrosion damage; principal metallic materials deployed; and mitigating measures to optimise its occurrence. The book also highlights important areas of progress and challenges, and looks toward the future of research and development to enable improved and economical design of facilities for oil and a gas production.

Written for both those familiar and unfamiliar with the subject—and by two authors with more than 60 years combined industry experience—this book covers everything from Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs) to internal metal loss corrosion threats, corrosion in injection systems to microbiologically influenced corrosion, corrosion risk analysis to corrosion and integrity management, and more, notably:

Comprehensively covers the engineering aspects of corrosion and materials in hydrocarbon production
Written by two, renowned experts in the field
Offers practical guide to those unfamiliar with the subject whilst providing a focused roadmap to addressing the topics in a precise and methodical manner
Covers all aspects of corrosion threat and remedial and mitigation measures in upstream hydrocarbon production applicable to sub-surface, surface, and transportation facilities
Outlines technology challenges that need further research as a pre-cursor to moving the industry forward.
An excellent guide for both practicing materials and corrosion engineers working in hydrocarbons production as well as those entering the area who may not be fully familiar with the subject.