Cases on Tour Guide Practices for Alternative Tourism

Authors : Gulsun Yildirim, Ozlem Ozbek, Ceyhun Caglar Kilinc and Abdullah Tarinc

Publisher IGI Global
Publication June, 2020
ISBN 9781799837251
eISBN 9781799837275
Page 351
Language English
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Tour guides, a highly responsible group of professionals who are in direct communication with tourists traveling around the world, have a great impact on the proper promotion of the culture of countries, global peace, and tolerance. Additionally, they are also effective in the preservation of world natural heritage. Thus, the educational status of tour guides, as well as the characteristics and ethical values that they should possess, need to be examined on an international scale. In today’s world, where tourism demand is directed towards all types of tourism, practices in special interest tourism should be customized in order to ensure the highest level of service quality and cultural appreciation.

Cases on Tour Guide Practices for Alternative Tourism provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of the occupational issues that surround tour guides and their applications within international tourism. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as cultural education, specialized learning, and international business, this book is ideally designed for tour guides, travel agencies, tour managers, tour developers, heritage sites, museums, academicians, researchers, students, industry experts, and hospitality professionals.