Alloy Materials and Their Allied Applications

Editor : Inamuddin Inamuddin, Rajender Boddula, Mohd Imran Ahamed & Abdullah M. Asiri
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781119655015
ISBN 9781119654889
Page 240



Alloy Materials and Their Allied Applications provides an in-depth overview of alloy materials and applications. The 11 chapters focus on the fabrication methods and design of corrosion-resistant, magnetic, biodegradable, and shape memory alloys. The industrial applications in the allied areas, such as biomedical, dental implants, abrasive finishing, surface treatments, photocatalysis, water treatment, and batteries, are discussed in detail. This book will help readers solve fundamental and applied problems faced in the field of allied alloys applications.