Advancing Talent Development: Steps Toward a T-Model Infused Undergraduate Education

Author (s) : Philip Gardner & Heather N. Maietta

Publication Year 2020
Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781951527075
ISBN 9781951527068
Page 240
Language English


Talent development is key to organizations keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing workplace. Companies require talent that possesses discipline and systems mastery, combined with an ability to handle cross-functional, multicultural teams, projects, and assignments. Yet, colleges and universities face challenges in preparing students across all the competency dimensions employers demand.

The T-model configures academic and professional development in a way that allows institutions to provide students with a solid foundation, built through rich academic and co-curricular experiences so they can adapt to the evolving workplace. In this volume, readers are introduced to the dynamics of the workplace that generate the need for T-professionals. Representatives from different segments of higher education share how they infuse the T-model across the curriculum, and industry professionals offer insights on the necessity to grow as a T, once new graduates enter the workforce.