Unbound Medicine is changing the way healthcare professionals answer clinical questions by architecting content and delivering it to mobile devices and the web.

Consulting references to diagnose patients, answer questions, and look up information in a timely manner is essential to eliminating errors and improving patient care. But studies show that two-thirds of questions that arise in clinical practice are never answered, and medical errors cost $19.5 billion during 2008. *
Clinicians need easy access to medical information at the bedside, or anywhere a question about patient care comes up.

Solving Knowledge Problems For Over 20 Years

Unbound Medicine is committed to enhancing and delivering healthcare knowledge through digital and mobile innovation, partnerships, and a passion for advancing healthcare.

We partner with medical associations, publishers, universities, and corporations to serve more than 500 healthcare institutions and over 5 million health professionals worldwide.

We enable full-cycle product development from design through dissemination. Platform modules support content design, online authoring, author and workflow management, application development, multi-device publication, fulfillment, and account management for individual and institutional customers.

Unbound Medicine is passionate about solving difficult knowledge problems and welcomes collaboration inquiries. To learn more, please contact us.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Unbound Medicine is committed to pursuing equity and justice at the nexus of healthcare, technology, and education — centering on people of color, women, economically disadvantaged communities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, and others who experience marginalization.

This ongoing work is guided by our shared values of community, integrity, respect, and accountability.

Unbound Social Responsibility Commitments

Hiring and Employment

  • Apply inclusive hiring and employment practices that exclude implicit bias and racism.
  • Foster a work environment that embraces, encourages and supports diversity.


  • Provide anti-racist and anti-bias education opportunities for our employees.
  • Create spaces for ongoing conversations about equity and justice.


  • Dedicate Unbound’s resources, platform, and expertise to support justice and equity work in our industry.
  • Build and sustain relationships across our industries to understand and address issues of inequity.


  • Call attention to injustices in our industry and amplify the voices of those working for justice.
  • Communicate about Unbound’s ongoing work and the evolution of our social responsibility commitments.

Markets We Serve

Educational Institutions

  • Unbound Medicine meets the challenges of healthcare education with exclusive resources and innovative tools that inspire self-directed, evidence-based learning.

Professional Institutions

  • Unbound Medicine has customizable solutions for medical facilities. We work with you to ensure you have the right resources on the best platform for your organization.


  • Unbound Medicine supports the healthcare community with resources and tools that reinforce evidence-based practice to ensure that you have access to the right answers at the right time.

Associations and Publishers

  • Unbound Medicine’s digital publishing platform makes digital publishing accessible and affordable. uPub™ allows users to easily design, develop, manage, and distribute their valuable content on the web and mobile devices