Ovid Technologies is an internationally recognized leader of electronic medical, scientific, and academic research information solutions. By providing a customizable suite of content, tools and services, Ovid supports the diverse research needs of its 13 million users worldwide – academic, medical, and corporate professionals and students seeking fast, accurate answers to important questions that help to fuel discoveries, explore topics, or research new theories.

We help make research smarter, faster, and more effective by providing powerful information search and discovery platforms (OvidSP and SilverPlatter) to access premier electronic content, including a growing list of 1,200 journals, over 500 books, and more than 200 databases, with innovative technology tools and specialized services to browse, search, retrieve, and analyze critical information.

Founded in 1988, Ovid is used across the globe by librarians, researchers, clinicians and students from leading colleges and universities; medical schools; academic research libraries and library consortia; hospitals and healthcare systems; pharmaceutical, engineering, and biotechnology companies; and HMOs and clinical practices. In North America alone, Ovid is used by 93% of medical libraries, 97% of teaching hospitals, and 87% of U.S. hospitals with more than 200 beds, as well as the top 30 pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical, Evidence-Based Content for Each and Every Department

Ovid®, the world’s most trusted medical research platform, has been a vital part of healthcare for over 20 years.  Ovid’s flagship platform is the leading choice globally among clinicians, researchers, educators and students in the medical, scientific and academic fields.

Ovid delivers thousands of full text journal articles, ebooks, database resources and workflow tools in a single integrated solution. Ovid provides customizable solutions of high quality content fully integrated with best-in-class technology tools that enhance search precision and speed workflow, maximizing research productivity.

Supported by award-winning customer service available in over 20 languages, Ovid is a one-stop solution for anyone working in healthcare today.  We offer premier medical, nursing, and allied health content; clinical decision support tools; drug information and patient surveillance; structured documentation and coding; healthcare terminology, data management and systems interoperability solutions; precision medical research tools; and continuing medical education solutions.


As the world’s most trusted medical research platform, Ovid helps librarians in their efforts to improve the quality of health care, education and research.  Ovid’s comprehensive resources, including content from every major science publisher, are supported by an award-winning customer engagement team dedicated to training, configuration, and customization.

Resources for librarians include our Librarian Toolkit and  Knowledge Community. You can also learn more about the features of the Ovid platform on the Tutorials & Demos page.


Hospital administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of their facilities, including improving patient outcomes, maintaining fiscal responsibility and managing growth.

Key resources such as Ovid DiscoveryLippincott Solutions, Ovid Health Administration & Policy Journal Collection and the Ovid Health Administration & Policy Book Collection can help hospital administrators rise to these diverse challenges and prepare for the future.


Today’s physicians face many challenges including less time with patients, increased administrative workload, and difficulty finding the time and funding for research. Ovid fits into doctors’ workflow, providing customized clinical and research solutions designed to help improve patient outcomes, increase productivity, fuel new discoveries, and enable lifelong learning.

The Ovid Discovery platform enables a single-search, native language solution that allows doctors to get what they need accurately and quickly.


Ovid is uniquely positioned to offer nurses what they need at the point of learning, point of care, and point of reference. Together with Lippincott Solutions, Ovid offers a complete solution that will take nurses from the classroom to the bedside and beyond.

In addition to acclaimed journals such as the American Journal of Nursing and the award-winning ‘Incredibly Easy’ book series, Ovid offers resources from Joanna Briggs Institute and the Emcare database for nursing and allied health, plus point-of-care resources like Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures.


As the world’s largest and most trusted medical research platform, Ovid offers instructors access to material from more than 120 premier publishers, including over 6 million images, videos, and podcasts.  With easy simultaneous searching across all Ovid resources using a single query, instructors can uncover the latest research as well as materials for instructional use.

Tools such as the easy PowerPoint image exporter quickly allows images, charts, and graphs to be placed into presentations for instructional use.

Access journals such as Medical Education and The Journal of Physician Assistant Education as well as Acland Anatomy and Bates’ Visual Guide through the Ovid platform.


Allied health, nursing and medical students can get a jump on their learning with Ovid resources such as: