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ACS Applied Energy Materials

Journal Scope

ACS Applied Energy Materials is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research covering aspects of materials, engineering, chemistry, physics, and biology relevant to sustainable applications in energy conversion and storage. Sample research topics that span the journal’s scope for energy storage applications include electrode and membrane materials for solid state batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and redox flow batteries. Topics in energy conversion applications include new inorganic, hybrid, catalytic, and/or organic materials for thermoelectrics, photovoltaics, and photo-electrosynthesis cells.

Submissions that are essentially reporting data or applications of data are, in general, not suitable for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Low power energy conversion materials, such as piezoelectric materials, as well as luminescent materials are best suited for ACS Applied Electronic Materials. Studies of traditional fossil fuel are suited for ACS journal Energy & Fuels. Manuscripts that include energetic/explosive materials for military applications and photodegradation of environmental pollutants are outside the journal scope. All submissions are subject to critical, anonymous peer review. It is to be understood that the final decision relating to a manuscript ‘s suitability rests solely with the Editor.

Details about the journal article types and submission requirements may be found in the Author Guidelines.

With its focus on applications, ACS Applied Energy Materials not only complements ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, but also the portfolio of existing ACS publications focusing on fundamental materials science discovery, including Chemistry of Materials, Langmuir, Biomacromolecules, Macromolecules, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B and C, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, ACS Energy Letters, and ACS Photonics.