1st iGroup South East Asia User Group Meeting 2021
(1st iGroup SEA UGM 2021)

“Revitalizing Libraries To The New Norm”

iGroup SEA offices [Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines] are organizing our 1st combined User Group Meeting virtually on 8th & 9th September 2021.

We have a deep commitment to develop the skills and enhance the experience of our customers through product training and user group meetings. And we aims to be a one-stop information service provider in this region.

The objective for this conference is to facilitate the exchange of views among librarians and users on our services.  This is a great opportunity to hear from the industry experts from Singapore and abroad.  They will be sharing with us their specialist knowledge and update us with trends shaping the future of libraries.  At the same time, we have our publishers showcasing theirs latest products and services at their virtual booth.

Date : 8th – 9th September 2021 (Wednesday & Thursday)
 Time : 9:15 AM – 5:00 PM (Time Zone : GMT+8)

 Target Participants : Librarians

2020 was an unusual year. It was a year of uncertainty as countries and economies globally met with situations of overwhelmed healthcare systems, lockdown, isolation, mis and dis information, new challenges in education, learning, employment, training, and more.
As we emerge from an unusual year, new normals were formed and these has affected all aspects of our lives. This could be the time where institutions can ponder, rethink and perhaps revitalize themselves to make transformative changes.
Join us as we invite speakers from the region to share their thoughts and insights as to how libraries can revitalize themselves and embrace the new roles and opportunities that the new normal has brought with it.