WIPS is the first online worldwide patent information service provider in South Korea. Since its founding in 1999, WIPS has continued to keep its number one market share position. Started from on-line patent information service, now we provide a full range of intellectual property services – including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, IP Consulting, and IP education.

We still continue developing our online IP services along with up-to-date Korean IT technology. As a result, we currently provide the online services over 100,000 customers from 3,000 Domestic and International companies. With its 98% of contract renewal rate, online service of WIPS was awarded as a World Class Product from Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy. WIPS is the only authorized government-designated prior art search institute by KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) in areas of patent, trademark and design.

We have been recognized for our reliability and specialty in the IP Search/ Analysis service provider in South Korea. For reference, KIPO established the PCT International Search and Preliminary Examination Division in 2010 and currently operates as an ISA (International Searching Authority) & an IPEA (International Preliminary Examining Authority) under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).

As the authorized search institute from KIPO, over 200 Intellectual Property Experts, Attorneys, and many other our special members cover all clients receive the best IP Research and Analysis services. In addition, WIPS was awarded ISO 27001 (international information security system) certification for tightly managing and maintaining the customers’ information.

Today, we live in an era of intellectual property and IP management plays as a key role, which means information technology and knowledge are the most valuable factor in all industries. Our challenge to become the best IP total service provider in the World, growing side by side with our customers, will never stop.

Our Business

IP Search

WIPS Co., Ltd. is a specialized search organization designated by the Korean Patent Office in prior art, PCT, trademark & design. Its high quality and reliability of service is highly appreciated by customers and other public organizations.

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Professional IP Consulting

WIPS provides the customized IP consulting services for patents, trademarks and designs to each client by analyzing his/her needs of companies in multilateral ways from the stage of development to the management.

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