Scientific knowledge is powerful. We ensure it’s empowering.

Mission. Vision. Promise.

Canadian Science Publishing is Canada’s not-for-profit leader in mobilizing science making sure it is easy to discover, use, and share.

We envision a world where everyone is empowered by science.

We are committed to strengthen the integrity, accessibility, and impact of science.

Deep Roots, Big Impact

Our origins date back to 1929, when the National Research Council of Canada launched the Canadian Journal of Research. Today, Canadian Science Publishing has grown to become Canada’s largest publisher of international scientific journals. Learn about our history.

We publish 24 journals that cover the spectrum of natural and physical sciences and engineering, including three open access journals that are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Learn more about our journals

As a mission-driven organization, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the global research community. We are proudly affiliated with over 25 Canadian and international scientific societies and associations.

Scholarly publishers are facing transformative changes.

What’s on our minds?

  • Sustainable open access models—We are exploring new ways to support open access to realize our Vision.
  • Peer review recognition—We are partners with Publons. We are here because of the invaluable contributions of dedicated volunteers.
  • Impact beyond the impact factor—We track articles with Altmetric. We move science to its diverse users.
  • Authorship and licencing—We endorse CRediT taxonomy. Authors always retain rights to their work.
  • Financial strains on libraries—We offer flexible pricing options, including title-by-title acquisition and discounted bundles. We help libraries build collections based on the needs of their community.

Our work is guided and informed by our commitment to:

Integrity We are truthful, honest, ethical, and fair in all our work.

Transparency We have open and clear processes and communication.

Openness We are advocates for accessible information. We are open to new ideas and change.

Empowerment We support others with knowledge, tools, and resources.

Forward thinking We are action-oriented, catalytic, and enterprising.