Why is China’s Reform and Opening-Up Successful?

Xie Chuntao
Published By : Gale Asia
ISBN-10 : 9814866288
ISBN-13 : 9789814866286
Page : 220 Pages | eBook
Available February 2020

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The authors of this book first compare the patterns of economic development in China and other countries, and then examine the impact of Chinese reform and government macro measures on the economic growth and the upgrading of industrial structure in China, aiming to explore a development path appropriate to the Chinese economy. On top of this, based on an extensive analysis of macroeconomic data using the theories of political economy, the authors proceed to conduct an in-depth study of China’s macroeconomic growth in the New Normal to tease out its patterns, thus contributing to the theories on economic growth with Chinese characteristics.


  • Written by a group of renowned Chinese researchers specializing in the historCommunist Party of China
  • Traces the historical development of the Communist Party of China and of socialism Chinese characteristics from inception to present day
  • Tells the China story and demonstrates its modern-day relevance to the world