Chinese Scholars on the Chinese Economy : The Future of Chinese Agriculture

Zhu Xinka
Yu Kangkang
Published By : Gale Asia
ISBN-10 : 9814853453
ISBN-13 : 9789814853453
Page : 170 Pages | eBook
Published / Released : November 2019


Agriculture is an industry that epitomizes a country’s technology, economy, politics, and national security. In recent years, the gaps in food and grain security have been highlighted through their adverse consequences and the resultant wider coverage by the media. China’s policy making and national strategy for development places a central focus on issues related to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. In The Future of Chinese Agriculture, the authors conduct in-depth reviews and analyses of China’s agricultural development, regional disparities, trends of various modern agricultural agents, as well as factors essential to the future of Chinese agriculture, such as institutional environment and development mode.