The DNA of Leadership: Creating Healthy Leaders and Vibrant Organizations

Author (s) : Alan Weiss & Myron Beard

Copyright Year 2017
Publisher Business Expert Press
ISBN 9781631577895
Page 188
Language English
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Much like DNA provides the structure and design for life, the DNA of leadership defines the essential characteristics required to become an outstanding leader. This book is the result of working with thousands of executives, reviewing their behaviors, and identifying what is required for high levels of success. The authors’ expertise encompasses the nexus of psychology and executive coaching, and they have identified several essential characteristics, including :

  • Setting a forceful vision
  • Identifying and hiring extraordinary talent
  • Delegating for leveraging of results
  • Communicating for impact
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Creating a compelling business model.

You will learn powerful and practical approaches to change your behavior, in order to become a truly outstanding leader. Each chapter has a Coach’s Corner that crystallizes the lessons of the chapter, while challenging leaders to identify key behaviors they need to modify to become truly outstanding. The interactive last chapter provides specific tools to help leaders take control of their future by creating specific Personal Goal Plans toward their most compelling goals. The DNA of Leadership is not just a book. It is an active roadmap for moving a leader toward greatness. This book is for leaders at every level in an organization from the first-time manager to the chief executive officer (CEO). There are ideas for everyone here.