The Coming Age of Robots: Implications for Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy

Author (s) : George Pettinico & George R. Milne

Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781951527693
ISBN 9781951527686
Page 198
Language English


Over the next twenty years, the presence of robots will dramatically increase in our daily lives. Robots will serve as maids, gardeners, companions, waiters, security guards, nurses, teachers, playmates, receptionists, chauffeurs and prostitutes – to name only a few roles they will assume. These robots will be intelligent, autonomous, communicative, emotional, and continually progressing in their abilities.

This book provides an in-depth look at how American consumers will react to the significant social, economic and marketplace changes that will be brought about by the robot revolution. Our insights come from national surveys of over 2,700 Americans, as well as a thorough review of existing academic research and expert predictions. We provide suggestions for publically-acceptable robot roles, robot design and the optimal marketplace approaches for successful human-robot interactions. Ready or not, it’s coming. And sooner than you might think.