Technological Developments in Food Preservation, Processing, and Storage

Author (s) : Seydi Yıkmış

Publisher IG Global
Publication Year 2019
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781799819240
Page 256
Language English


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In recent years, professionals have combined nutrition, health, and engineering sciences to develop new technologies within the food industry. As we are beginning to shift focus on how we view the health benefits of various food products, perseveration and processing techniques have become much more vital. New developments regarding how we store and preserve food are emerging rapidly, making it necessary for research to be done that studies the latest scientific improvements and contemporary methods of food processing.
Technological Developments in Food Preservation, Processing, and Storage is a collection of innovative research on the latest developments and advancements of preservation technologies and storage methods within the food processing industry. While highlighting topics including nutritional supplements, microfiltration, and thermal technology, this book is ideally designed for biologists, nutrition scientists, health professionals, engineers, government officials, policymakers, food service professionals, industry practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students.