Sustainability Leader in a Green Business Era: A Middle East Perspective

Author (s) : Irene M. Herremans

Copyright Year 2020
eISBN 9781951527860
ISBN 9781951527853
Page 114
Language English


Most organizations would say that they are interested in becoming more effective and efficient–which is almost impossible without competent leadership. Bad leaders are corrosive to any organization, thus organizations today must work to attract leaders who promote clarity and honesty.

This book highlights the principles and practices that lead to sustainable and positive leadership within SME. It also provides a step-by-step approach for the attributes of leaders who can run an SME and who have a predisposition to focus on environmental and resource sustainability. The text begins with a brief history of the concept of sustainability as it applies to both performance and reporting–implementing sustainability in an SME begins with the development of practices and activities.

The author explains the required skills to sustain business and environment in order to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of today’s world and enjoy a successful life. Sukkar will inspire SME’s leaders to be aware of these considerations, and apply them to the role they play in firms–not just doing things right but doing the right things right.