Sustainability & Green Polymer Chemistry Volume 2: Biocatalysis and Biobased Polymers

Editor(s) : H. N. Cheng & Richard A. Gross

Volume 1373
Publication Date December 2, 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9780841298521
eISBN 9780841298514
Page 214


This overview briefly surveys the practice of green chemistry in polymer science. Eight related themes can be discerned from the current research activities:

  1. Biocatalysis
  2. Bio-based building blocks and agricultural products
  3. Degradable polymers
  4. Recycling of polymer products and catalysts
  5. Energy generation or minimization during use
  6. Optimal molecular design and activity
  7. Benign solvents
  8. Improved synthesis to achieve atom economy, reaction efficiency, and reduced toxicity.

All of these areas are experiencing an increase in research activity with the development of new tools and technologies. Examples are given of recent developments in green chemistry with a focus on biocatalysis and biobased materials.