Statistical Analysis of Hydrologic Variables : Methods and Applications

Edited : Ramesh S. V. Teegavarapu, Jose D. Salas & Jery R. Stedinger

Publisher American Society of Civil Engineers
Copyright Year 2019
ISBN 9780784415177 (Print)
9780784481875 (PDF)
Page 548
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Prepared by the Task Committee on Statistical Applications in Hydrology of the Surface Water Hydrology Technical Committee of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute
Statistical Analysis of Hydrologic Variables: Methods and Applications provides a compilation of state-of-the-art statistical methods for analyzing and describing critical variables that are part of the hydrological cycle. Understanding and describing the variability of hydro-climatological processes and measurements is essential for assessing the performance of water resources infrastructure and its management. Analyzed data provide valuable insights into the dynamics of hydrological processes that represent the hydrological cycle. This knowledge is critical for planning successful and efficient water resources projects, as well as environmental systems management alternatives.
This book covers key processes in the hydrological cycle, including

Statistical analysis of precipitation extremes,
Evapotranspiration and evaporative demand,
Infiltration and soil water,
Probability distributions in groundwater hydrology,
Modeling streamflow variability,
Flood frequency analysis and low flows and droughts,
Probabilistic models for urban stormwater management,
Analysis of water quality random variables,
Multivariate frequency distributions in hydrology, and
Hydrologic record events.

This valuable resource will assist practicing hydrologists, water resource specialists, researchers, and individuals interested in applications of probabilistic methods in hydrology and water resources.