Sensory Transduction

Second Edition

Gordon L. Fain

Type : Hardback
Published : 22 October 2019
Page : 304
Size : 246x189mm
ISBN : 9780198835028


How are sights and sounds and smells converted into electrical signals in a form that can be interpreted by the nervous system? Although this process, called sensory transduction, began to be understood only relatively recently, so much progress has been made that it is now possible to say at least in outline (but in most cases in remarkable detail) how transduction occurs for all of the major sense organs of the body. Since the first edition was published in 2003, many new experiments have radically changed some of our previously-held views.This new edition fulfils the book’s original aims, both as an accessible textbook and a general introduction to the senses, by bringing the contents fully up to date with the new information acquired over the last 15 years. In so doing, it continues to provide a comprehensive survey of one of the greatest achievements of modern biology and neuroscience – the unravelling of the mechanism of sensation.
Sensory Transduction is written for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in neurophysiology and sensory neuroscience. It is also of relevance and use to a broader audience of neuro, evolutionary, integrative, and comparative biologists.