Scientific Basis of the Royal College of Radiologists Fellowship (2nd Edition)

Authors : Malcolm Sperrin and John Winder

Publisher IOP Publishing Ltd
Publication November 2019
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN (Online) 978-0-7503-2148-8
ISBN (Print) 978-0-7503-2146-4
Page 364
Language English


Science and medicine have long been close partners; this is particularly true in radiology where the availability of imaging techniques is central to diagnosis. An understanding of the science underlying an imaging process enables the development of new or improved techniques, comprehension of the imaging limitations and even the creation of a research portfolio. This volume is intended as an education resource to help study and pass the necessary exams in physics required for medical specialists. Accounting for changes in examinations and curricula, this new edition includes over 50 new questions across all topics and a new chapter on functional and molecular imaging. Part of IPEM–IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology.