Resurrection as Salvation

Thomas D. McGlothlinChristian Academy in Japan

Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Online publication date : July 2018
Print publication year : 2018
Online ISBN : 9781108585361


This book is the first study to focus on the reception of Paul’s link between resurrection and salvation, revealing its profound effect on early Christian theology – not only eschatology, but also anthropology, pneumatology, ethics, and soteriology. Thomas D. McGlothlin traces the roots of the strong tension on the matter in ancient Judaism and then offers deep readings of the topic by key theologians of pre-Nicene Christianity, who argued on both sides of the issue of the fleshliness of the resurrected body. McGlothlin unravels the surprising continuities that emerge between Irenaeus, Origen, and the Valentinians, as well as deep disagreements between allies like Irenaeus and Tertullian.