Recent Advances in Alzheimer Research

Editor (s) : Blas Gil-Extremera

Publisher Bentham Science Publishers
Publication 2019
Copyright Year 2019
ISBN (Online) 978-981-14-0513-6
ISBN (Print) 978-981-14-0512-9
Page 483
Language English
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Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequent cause of dementia that slowly and progressively causes cognitive impairment and profoundly alters the daily activities of the patients. Approximately, ten percent of all persons over the age of seventy experience significant memory loss, and in more than half of the cases, the cause is Alzheimer’s disease.
This reference book is an update on the most relevant pathological and clinical findings of this neurological disorder. Chapters cover the basic hypothesis of Alzheimer’s disease, pathological features of the disease in the brain, Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and therapy. Information provided in the book is focused on research in developed countries.
The book offers students of medicine and nursing as well as medical practitioners and specialists (internists, neurologists, gerontologists, and psychiatrists), the necessary information to understand the pathological and clinical aspects of the disease in depth, with the goal of improving medical outcomes in the care of their patients.