Quantum 20/20

Fundamentals, Entanglement, Gauge Fields, Condensates and Topology

Ian R. Kenyon

Type : Hardback
Published : 10 September 2019
Page : 432 Pages | 228 grayscale and 54 color line figures, 5 grayscale halftones and 2 color halftones
Size : 246x189mm
ISBN : 9780198808350


The aim of this book is to provide support for lecture courses on general quantum physics for university undergraduates in the final year(s) of a physics degree programme. The first chapter is a review of the basic quantum mechanics needed for getting the best out of the text. Instructors are then free to concentrate on a group of chapters, or select components from all chapters, whichever suits their needs. The text covers key themes of quantum physics, taking the perspective achieved after more than a century of research, and emphasising the effectiveness and the subtlety of quantum concepts in explaining diverse physical phenomena. The book is used to bring out these unifying ideas and illustrate them with important examples from modern experiments and applications.
Care has been taken to maintain a level of presentation accessible to undergraduates, and to provide exercises and solutions to reinforce the learning process. Solutions to the exercises are available via the OUP webpage link for the book.