Qualitative Methods for Health Research

Qualitative Methods for Health Research

1) Electronic version
2) Paperback : ISBN : 9781473997110
3) Hardcover : ISBN : 9781473997103
Published : March 2019
Pages : 440 pages
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Packed with practical advice and research quick tips, this book is the perfect companion to your health research project. It not only explains the theory of qualitative health research so you can interpret the studies of others, but also showcases how to approach, start, maintain, and disseminate your own research.
It will help you:

  • Understand the role of the researcher
  • Develop an effective research proposal
  • Seek ethical approval
  • Conduct interviews, observational studies, mixed methods, and web-based designs
  • Use secondary and digital sources
  • Code, manage, and analyse data
  • Write up your results

Whether you are studying public health, sports medicine, occupational therapy, nursing, midwifery, or another health discipline, the authors will be your surrogate supervisors and guide you through evaluating or undertaking any type of health research.
Judith Green is Professor of Sociology of Health at King’s College London.
Nicki Thorogood is Programme Director, DrPH, at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.