Precision Programming of Roving Robots: Project-Based Fundamentals of Wheeled, Legged and Hybrid Mobile Robots

By Francis Nickols, Yueh-Jaw Lin

ISBN : 9780791861912
No. of Pages : 304
Publisher : ASME Press
Publication date :  2019

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This book is designed primarily as a laboratory operations manual for fundamental mechatronics and robotics experiential and project-based learning. It is also ordered in that starting with the Tricycle Robot, students build up their knowledge and experience of programming to be able to tackle the Rickshaw Robot and finally the most complex robot, i.e., the Hexapod Robot. The book is aimed at university and college students; however, with robotics curricula extending down into lower grades this book can also be very useful for teachers at any school level. Furthermore, the book provides useful ideas for driverless vehicles and robots, as well as for educators who are developing practical project-based teaching and learning modules. Readers of the book can easily modify the coding, computing language, and hardware to suit personal preferences.