Physical Modelling for Architecture and Building Design: A Design Practice Tool

AUTHOR(S) : Olga Popovic Larsen

ISBN : 9780727763839
PUBLICATION DATE : 21 October 2019
FORMAT : Paperback
PUBLISHER : ICE Publishing
PAGE SIZE : 234 x 156mm


Physical models have been an essential design tool for architecture, building design and urban projects, aiding design development from conception to realisation. Despite digitalisation, physical modelling remains a vital design tool.

In Physical Modelling for Architecture and Building Design, Olga Popovic Larsen explores the role of physical models in current design practice and how these roles have been affected by modern day digital tools. The book also presents different contexts in which physical models are relevant and how they are used in the design process by different professions through detailed case studies.

The book will cover a range of topics including, how physical models are used as a tool for

  • exploring and developing concepts
  • representation and communication of designs
  • structural testing and verification
  • guiding assembly and construction processes
  • creating a link between physical and digital environments.

Projects spanning different scales including material science, architecture, building design, structural engineering, environmental engineering aspects, as well as urban scale are covered. This highly illustrated and practical reference book will be a perfect introduction to the types and uses of physical models. It will appeal to any studying or practicing architect, engineer or building designer.