Patient-Centered Assisted Reproduction

Authors :
  1. Alice D. DomarBoston IVF, Waltham, MA
  2. Denny SakkasBoston IVF, Waltham, MA
  3. Thomas L. TothBoston IVF, Waltham, MA
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publication Year April 2020
Copyright Year 2020
ISBN 9781108796774
Language English


Address the future of innovative reproductive technologies with experts in the fields of IVF, fertility preservation and laboratory advances. This essential resource examines the changing roles of IVF, and moves beyond the basics of reproductive medicine. This book introduces the optimization of care, to improve patient outcomes, whilst facing ethical challenges that accompany new technologies, and applying the patient-centered care model to improve both patient and staff retention. By showcasing the future of the field in terms of clinical practice and innovative laboratory technologies, this guide will support clinics worldwide to provide high-quality customer experience, maintaining a competitive edge, following increasing standardization of clinical and laboratory protocols. This invaluable guide features chapters on patient evaluation, predictive modelling, advances in pharmacology, and laboratories of the future. Written by research and clinical leaders from around the world, it describes ground-breaking innovative treatments and technologies, encompassing the care model in a holistic way.