Oilwell Drilling Engineering

By Don W. Dareing
ISBN : 9780791861875
No. of Pages : 512
Publisher : ASME Press
Publication date : 2019

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The book starts with a review of optimum drilling practices, which provide for highest rate of penetration (ROP) at minimum footage cost ($/ft). These elements of drilling provide a backdrop for in-depth technical discussions. Discussions are presented with scientific rigor, but in a form easily understood by undergraduate engineering and graduate students. Homework problems are included at the end of each chapter and are designed to encourage interest and enquiry. The book can be used as an industry reference or as a university text book.

The book underscores the application of engineering principles to drilling problems facing industry. Special attention is given to: 1) drilling hydraulics, including performance and application of PDM motors and turbines, 2) drillstring design and operation, 3) drillstring mechanics including vibration analysis and control, 4) drilling economics, 5) maintenance and reliability, and 6) directional drilling including bit navigation, well path monitoring and directional control. Each topic is explained in terms of engineering mechanics.