Network Classification for Traffic Management

Anomaly detection, feature selection, clustering and classification

Author(s) : Zahir Tari, Adil Fahad, Abdulmohsen Almalawi, Xun Yi

Publisher The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Publication Year 2020
eISBN 9781785619229
ISBN 9781785619212
Page 288
Language English


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With the massive increase of data and traffic on the Internet within the 5G, IoT and smart cities frameworks, current network classification and analysis techniques are falling short. Novel approaches using machine learning algorithms are needed to cope with and manage real-world network traffic, including supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised classification techniques. Accurate and effective classification of network traffic will lead to better quality of service and more secure and manageable networks.

This authored book investigates network traffic classification solutions by proposing transport-layer methods to achieve better run and operated enterprise-scale networks. The authors explore novel methods for enhancing network statistics at the transport layer, helping to identify optimal feature selection through a global optimization approach and providing automatic labelling for raw traffic through a SemTra framework to maintain provable privacy on information disclosure properties.