Modern Engine Technology from A to Z

Modern Engine Technology from A to Z

Author : Richard Van Basshuysen, Fred Schaefer
Publisher : SAE International
Specs : Published by SAE International with a Product Code of R-373
ISBN : 978-0-7680-4451-5
Page : 1072 pages in a hardbound binding.


Part dictionary, part encyclopedia, Modern Engine Technology from A to Z will serve as your comprehensive reference guide for many years to come. Keywords throughout the text are in alphabetical order and highlighted in blue to make them easier to find, followed, where relevant, by subentries extending to as many as four sublevels. Full-color illustrations provide additional visual explanation to the reader.

This book features:

  • approximately 4,500 keywords, with detailed cross-references
  • more than 1,700 illustrations, some in full color
  • in-depth contributions from nearly 100 experts from industry and science
  • engine development, both theory and practice