Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design (3rd Edition)

Author(s) : Randy Bancroft

Publisher The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Publication Year 2019
eISBN 9781785618550
ISBN 9781785618543
Page 317
Language English


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This thoroughly updated third edition of this popular book covers all types of printed microstrip antenna design, from rectangular to circular, broadband and dual band, and millimeter wave microstrip antenna to microstrip arrays. The book features new analysis of rectangular and circular microstrip antenna efficiency, and surface wave phenomena. Rectangular microstrip antenna cross polarization analysis and mitigation is expanded upon. Microstrip antenna array geometry options have been added to the text. The design of Vivaldi antennas has been revised and updated based on recent analysis. A chapter has been added which addresses design considerations for millimeter wave microstrip antennas and arrays. Sections addressing the design of shorted annular, patch-ring, corporate fed OMA, stripline series slot, inverted F, RFID Loop Coupler, CPW monopole, and characteristic mode antennas have been added. The appendices have been enlarged, and address PIM, efficiency computation, twin strip and parallel plate transmission line, the history of the decibel, return loss and reflection loss, new impedance matching methods, as well as a new appendix on baluns for printed antennas. Written with commercial applications in mind and aimed at practicing engineers, this book covers printed antennas and their design from the perspective of a seasoned consulting engineer who has worked many years in the field and has implemented all design concepts and technologies featured in the book and is essential reading for antenna designers and engineers.