Mechanics of Accuracy in Engineering Design of Machines and Robots Volume II: Stiffness and Metrology

Author : M. Kemal Atesmen

Publisher ASME Press
Publication 2019
ISBN 9781119524717
Page 198
Language English
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Accuracy is one of the fundamental characteristics and one of the most important indexes of the quality of machines and robots. It significantly defines their structure and applications and, in turn, depends on their structure and applications. Accuracy provision, maintenance, and enhancement are permanently hot problems in modern manufacturing and manufacturing science.

The book is being published in two volumes and comprises the Introduction and four parts including 19 chapters with consecutive numbering, and appendices consisting of codes for above mentioned problems. Each part combines a theoretical chapter with applications to machines and robots of different kinematic types. The formalized consideration is accompanied with application examples, which, as a rule, are explained with numerical solutions using realistic initial values.

Volume II continues consideration of the accuracy-related problem as applied to machines and robots started in Volume I. Two themes are developed in Volume II: stiffness-compliance directly associated with the machine and robot accuracy through static deformations (Part I) and computer-aided metrology aimed at final assessments of the accuracy-associated performance indexes (Part II). Volume II is written as a standalone book in its own right and can be used without access to Volume I.

The book is intended for machine and robot designers and researchers, university graduate and senior undergraduate students, and may be also useful for instructors in the mechanical engineering field for teaching processes.