International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing

International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing

The International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing is a new multidisciplinary journal uniquely covering the areas related to extreme manufacturing.


About the journal


The International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing publishes original research of the highest quality related to science and technology of manufacturing functional devices and systems with extreme dimensions (extremely large or small) and/or functionalities under extreme conditions or environments, ranging from fundamental science to cutting-edge technologies that support the manufacturing of high-performance products involving emerging techniques and breaking the limits of currently known theories, methods, scales, environments, and performance.
Extreme manufacturing is specifically manifested in manufacturing with extremely high energy density, ultrahigh precision, extremely small spatial and temporal scales, extremely intensive fields, and giant systems with extreme complexity and number of factors. It involves multidisciplinary fields, including machinery, materials, optics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, and mathematics.
Subjects of interest include, but are not limited to, theory, process, metrology, characterization, equipment, conditions, and system integration in extreme manufacturing.

Material interactions with energy beams and fields

      • Materials science
      • Models and experiments for energy fields
      • Mechanism of interaction between materials and tools
      • Quantum phenomena
      • Energy transformation and conversion
      • Gradient materials and boundary layer alterations
      • Atomic and molecular level control
      • Mechanics in extreme manufacturing
      • Super lubrication and tribology

Approaches and theories of processing

      • Generation of complex and hierarchical structures
      • Ultrahigh accuracy machining
      • High-energy beam machining
      • Hybrid machining
      • Machining of component with difficult-to-machine materials
      • Surface diffusion and implantation at nanoscales
      • Manufacturing in extreme scales
      • Additive and additive/subtractive manufacturing

Metrology and characterization

      • Measurement on extreme scales
      • Methods and algorithms
      • Accuracy evaluation
      • Performance verification of systems
      • Internal inspection of materials
      • Complex structures, contaminants, and residual stress
      • Mechnical and thermal shock loads
      • Novel principles of metrology

Equipment and systems

      • Fundamentals of extreme manufacturing systems
      • Systems development under extreme environments
      • Components and devices at extreme scales
      • Functional components and modules
      • Integration at multidimensional scales

Extreme conditions

      • Laser fusion
      • Ultrahigh pressure
      • Cryogenic temperature
      • High-intensity magnetic field
      • Novel approaches to generating critical conditions
      • Integration of multiple extreme environments

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