Internal Combustion Engine Handbook, 2nd English Edition

Internal Combustion Engine Handbook, 2nd English Edition

Author : Richard Van Basshuysen, Fred Schaefer
Publisher : SAE International
Specs : Published by SAE International with a Product Code of R-434
ISBN : 978-0-7680-8024-7
Page : 1150 pages in a hardbound binding.


More than 120 authors from science and industry have documented this essential resource for students, practitioners, and professionals. Comprehensively covering the development of the internal combustion engine (ICE), the information presented captures expert knowledge and serves as an essential resource that illustrates the latest level of knowledge about engine development.

Particular attention is paid toward the most up-to-date theory and practice addressing thermodynamic principles, engine components, fuels, and emissions. Details and data cover classification and characteristics of reciprocating engines, along with fundamentals about diesel and spark ignition internal combustion engines, including insightful perspectives about the history, components, and complexities of the present-day and future IC engines.
Chapter highlights include:

  • Classification of reciprocating engines
  • Friction and Lubrication
  • Power, efficiency, fuel consumption
  • Sensors, actuators, and electronics
  • Cooling and emissions
  • Hybrid drive systems

Nearly 1,800 illustrations and more than 1,300 bibliographic references provide added value to this extensive study.
“Although a large number of technical books deal with certain aspects of the internal combustion engine, there has been no publication until now that covers all of the major aspects of diesel and SI engines.”
Dr.-Ing. E. h. Richard van Basshuysen and Professor Dr.-Ing. Fred Schäfer, the editors, “Internal Combustion Engines Handbook: Basics, Components, Systems, and Perpsectives”